Bondi bonds on sea pool idea

Icebergs captain Matt Barry and Cottesloe Crabs president Neville Barker. The clubs are in close contact. Picture: Andrew Ritchie

Icebergs captain Matt Barry and Cottesloe Crabs president Neville Barker. The clubs are in close contact. Picture: Andrew Ritchie

See this article on page 3 of the  Western Suburbs Weekly, 17/Sep/2013, by Jon Bassett;

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Floating filtered river pool

floating river pool

Amazing project to try and create a floating filtered swimming pool in New York and an interesting concept to fund it.

Floating Pool at night

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Ocean Pools for Perth

Ocean pools are everywhere around Sydney and the East Coast and they are hugely popular.  There are many suitable locations for ocean and beach pools along our metropolitan coast line.

Ocean pools are far more environmentally friendly than normal chlorinated pools.  They cost much less to build and maintain and they do not drain our precious groundwater or consume conservation land or land that could be used to accommodate our growing population.

It is time for Perth to start building eco-friendly ocean pools.


  • Use no precious groundwater
  • Save space  (can be built on the beach or in the ocean)
  • Cost less to build
  • Cost less to run (even better with modern pumps or self flushing designs etc.)
  • Require less energy to build and run
  • Great for squad training, water polo, surf life saving, swimming lessons and all other aquatic sports
  • Increase Winter Swimming Club culture
  • High social value
  • High recreational value
  • Disabled people can enjoy the ocean
  • Safer for children and seniors
  • Salt water is better for skin
  • Very popular with tourists
  • No battling the surf and rips to get past the breaks
  • No sharks
  • No jelly fish
  • Allow people to connect more with nature
  • Optional heating (see below)
  • They’re awsome

Maintence and Running Costs;

Some pools use pump systems and others are self flushing. Bondi, Balmain and Bronte in NSW use old pump systems and do require some labor and maintenance. Even self flushing pools need to have sand or seaweed removed at times.   However, engineering and technology has come a long way since many of these old  pools were built and most issues  can now be over come or minimised considerably.

It looks like even heating is a possiblitity using a wave power turbine out under the ocean, which could cost as much as $2M, but once installed there would be no power bills and it would provide all the electricity for the entire facility and surrounds.

Please visit our Facebook page Ocean Pools for Perth

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