Proposed Design for Cottesloe Ocean Pool

nov 2013 mixed block CWR 021

Brilliant presentation yesterday by Luan Nguyen and Dan Courtney at the Centre for Water Reseach at UWA about their research on the Cottesloe Ocean Pool.

They have come up with a design that is self-flushing and virtually maintenance free. The good news is that it will not effect the beach and will improve surfing conditions and it would only cost about $1.65 million.

Ocean Pool Design

Ocean Pool design for Cottesloe by Luan Nguyen and Dan Courtney

The exciting new news is that it looks like it can even be heated using wave power for the additional cost of around $2m, which could also create enough electricity for the surrounding beach front.

The design includes access for the disabled, so people in wheel chairs will fianally go to the beach and swim and enjoy the ocean environment.

The pool’s size needs to be determined, but it would have lap lanes and would be used just like a normal pool for squads, swimming lessons, water polo and recreational swimming with a deep end and a shallow end.

Proposed ocean pool location, Cottesloe Beach, WA

Proposed ocean pool location, Cottesloe Beach, WA

See article in today’s West Australian Newspaper   here

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